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The New Jersey Anti-Eviction Act, NJSA 2A:18-61.1 et seq. provides extensive protection to tenants.  This law is designed to keep residential tenants in their homes. The statute creates a “Good Cause” system for eviction that makes New Jersey one of the most tenant protective states in the country.


The Anti-Eviction Act applies to all residential tenancies in New Jersey, except those in owner occupied two and three family buildings. When the Anti-Eviction Act applies, it creates a tenancy which is essentially perpetual. This means that the only way a landlord can evict a protected tenant is for “Good Cause” as specified in the Act.


Many municipalities also have rent control ordinances, which further protect tenants by creating a complicated system of registration that is designed to keep rents down. A landlord inadvertently overcharging rents can be seriously penalized if sued by a tenant for overcharges. Landlords can often be held liable to tenants for fraud and be required to pay substantial money damages to their tenants, while incurring costly legal fees to defend these actions. Not all landlords are aware of these ordinances, which drastically affect the rights landlords and may be altered or amended at almost any time unbeknownst to landlords in the municipality. 


When a landlord is left with no other choice, but to evict, there are specific notice requirements that must be strictly adhered to. LandlordsLaw can prepare and properly serve these notices, in order to ensure that your case is not dismissed on a technicality. Landlord-Tenant practice can be very complicated.  Savvy defendants often take advantage of any defect in the mandatory notice requirements and time limits for these notices to be served to avoid eviction.


This can drastically increase the loss in rental income, time involved in regaining possession and the cost of legal fees to recover possession.  LandlordsLaw will work with you to address these issues in a professional, efficient and cost effective manner.  LandlordsLaw can provide the unique perspective of a deep understanding of both sides of the courtroom in Landlord-Tenant proceedings.

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